Along the Tevere


A mix of colors, live music, food and handicraft works on the Tiber banks, from Castel San’Angelo until the Isola Tiberina. Let yourself be surprised by the lively and romantic atmosphere of the Roman summer!

Lungo il Tevere 2018 It is the manifestation of the Roman Summer that wants to give the Tiber back to Romans and tourists. It is a sort of various events all along the River, where you can walk along the banks of the river - usually for three months, to enjoy the summer of the Italian capital - dressed up as site of numerous events. There are a lot of stands exposing local food, but also a lot of local and foreign handicrafts, enjoy the visitors indifferent courses.

Lungo il Tevere is an exhibition attracting a varied audience. There are families with children and young people looking for music and night amusement. There are also events for animal lovers, for old people, theatre and lyrical works lovers, and so on. In addition to the numerous stands on both the banks, there are also spaces dedicated to many events. Every night there are new proposals.
The beauty of this exhibition is its capacity of giving value to the banks of the river, making it a place available for everybody. The visitors arriving from Ponte Sublicio or from Ponte Garibaldi will be able to see two areas recently restored, by the Associazione Culturale La Vela d'Oro, manager of the organization. The best Roman artists but also international guests usually entertain the audience, giving a new aspect and an innovative appearance to the event.
Theatre shows, ballet, concerts, reading sessions and so on. The majority of the cultural and show events in program are free, to give everybody the possibility to find a relaxing and amusing corner in the city.

The 2017 edition was dedicated to the earth, the nature and the respect of animals - offering a lot of activities for pets and their owners - the 2018 edition will focus on interculture. Great space to the music as a mean of communication for people. There are music and popular songs event in program, but also some special events with the great musicians of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, playing classic and lyrical music. From June till September, there will be the pupils of the Accademia delle Belle Arti on the river banks, to expose their works and entertain the visitors by many different types of performances.
Obviously, the web is an important character of a similar exhibition, for young people and anybody else. The Accademia dello Spettacolo Italia will organize shows, mixing theatre, music and much more. The emerging artists that will activate themselves will also be able to take part to contests and to receive awards.
There will be also an area dedicated to reading activities. There are dedicated to literature, about Rome and other topics and authors. There will be collective readings and meetings with the authors of the best sellers. Among the numerous stands dedicated to handicrafts, there is also an area dedicated to solidarity. Under the supervision of Padre Paolo Fiasconaro, you will find the stand of the Frati Minori Conventuali, showing their charity initiatives, and they will collect funds for helping the people in need. It is a very rich programme that will surely be appreciated by everybody, according to the varied offer of events.
The great variety of events changing everyday offers the possibility to go there every day, finding new and interesting events. How can you resist in front of a so wonderful framework, so rich in history and nature?

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Paolo - Naples StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

Every summer I visit Rome for a weekend, and I never lose this appointment. I really like the atmosphere and the possibility of doing something new everyday. It is rich in interesting events and food is very good, too. I spend a great night, in a wonderful place, spending a few money, as the majority of events and shows are free.

Claudia - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
october 2017

I have two little daughters, so going out during the night is not very easy, because I never find events good for them too, giving the possibility to amuse themselves and relax ourselves. When Lungo il Tevere takes place, I know that a relax and amusements season is starting, rich in activities we can do with our children.

Carlo - TurinStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
october 2017

Yesterday, I was in Rome so I had a walk along the Lungo il Tevere. I usually visit Rome, but I have to say I have never seen the river so beautiful. Shows and exhibitions are very good, well accompanied by the food stands that allowed me to taste the original Roman food, tasting a delicious "maritozzo con la panna".

Martina - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
september 2017

I love handicrafts. I adore wearing the creativity of those people, making so lovely accessories. Every summer during the manifestation, I get lost around the stands of local handicrafts, and I always find something very interesting. Moreover, I dedicate my shopping night to good food too, together with free music and art shows, always very good and appreciated.

Assunta - PalermoStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2016

Last year, I visited the exhibition Lungo il Tevere. I love lyrical music and I didn't want to miss the Accademia di Santa Cecilia show, in a fantastic framework as the river Tiber is. So I decided to plan a weekend in Rome to go to the show. I can't tell about the greatest capacity of the artist's and about the beauty of the natural background. I will surely come back next year, to dedicate some time to the theatre shows, too.


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