Contemporary Rome and the MAXXI


The Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo, by the British-iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, at the Montello barracks in Flaminio district. The works exposed represent the expression of greatest artists

The MAXXI, masterpiece of modern architecture
The MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo - is a museum about the most peculiar and original ones in Rome. It was built in the former Montello barrack, and the recovery project, design and change of use has been done by one of the most famous architects of the last years, Zaha Hadid, who prematurely died, in 2016. The MAXXI has a modern structure completely different from the Basilica di Santa Croce, near it, in Via Flaminia.
The importance of the MAXXI in the Roman and Italian culture is extraordinary, because it hosts the works of the greatest contemporary artists. The idea that the restoration of the building has been done by one of the most awarded architects of our century - whose works are exhibited in the museum - gives a continuity sensation, very important for the storytelling of the project: Zaha Hadid destroyed the limits of the classic idea of “museum”, and she made a building where the complexity of volumes and the alternate straight and curved lines create a unique space dimension, useful but also unexpected, followed by the visitors through the defined and never banal courses.

The art collections of the MAXXI
The art collections of the MAXXI include more than 400 works telling the evolution of the artistic production, since the 20th century. The exposition has an international aspect, but the project wants to give more relevance to the Italian artists’ works - stood out for their production, making worldwide interesting masterpieces. Particular attention has been given to the international artists, whose works are very connected with the Italian context: this interest for the Italian production is commendable and aimed to enhance the artistic contemporary heritage of our country still so unknown, despite of the numerous artists that contributed to make Italy famous all over the world even in the 1900s. Among the great characters with a special position in the MAXXI, Alighiero Boetti stands out for the realisation of avant-garde tapestries, organised in a way similar to a grill, where the author put proverbs and sentences he used to invent, characterized by a not so easy meaning: letters and colours together without an apparent logic. And, on a 163x217 centimetres tapestry - one of the most famous Boetti's masterpieces -, the MAXXI and Google started their partnerships.
The MAXXI museum is a partner of the Google Cultural Institute, and it is part of the Google Art Project, an international project collecting some of the most important works of the world, available in digital version, too. Boetti's paper Street has been put in the digital platform of the project with an extraordinary definition of 7 gigapixel: the result is great, thanks to Google work and you can appreciate any single detail of this masterpiece, starting from its weft and the wonderful shades obtained by mixing thousands of coloured threads. In addition to Boetti's works, in the MAXXI there are also Gino De Dominicis, Maurizio Nannucci, Manfredi Beninati, Stefano Arienti, Maurizio Cattelan, Gilbert & George, Vanessa Beecroft, Gabriele Basilico and many other artists' works.

The architecture collection of the MAXXI
The exposition offers many different works representing the complexity of the architectural production of our times. From the sketches on paper fill the three dimensional works, pictures, notes etc, the visit of the museum is an incredible trip to discover an extraordinary universe, characterized by an unexpected evolution - concerning its dimensions and features - during the last century.
If you should explain that MAXXI-Architecture by figures, you could just say there are more than 60000 projects, more than £75,000 pictures and paintings, drawings, notes and prints, by the mosque active architects from the 1900s till nowadays. Carlo Scarpa, Maurizio Sacripanti, Superstudio, Paolo and Aldo Rossi are just some of the greatest architects authors of the works exposed in the MAXXI.
We can't forget the great pictures by Basilico, Davies, Linke and Barbier that strongly in reach the historical and cultural value of the exhibition.

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Greta - LuganoStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2018

I think there is not another so extraordinary contemporary art museum in Italy and Europe; according to my experience, I can't hear to compare it to the famous MoMa of New York. I visited it two times, because I like tasting culture, without rush, and I think I will come back for the third time to visit it, because I think I could find even new shades I didn't catch during the previous times.

Riccardo - CagliariStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2017

I visited the MAXXI for work on the graduation thesis about the architecture of the 1900's, and thanks to the extraordinary documentary collection in it, I have been able to gain very important information that, in many cases, were not available on the university books. I lost the time commission inside the museum, I abandon myself to the genius of Zaha Hadid and its shapes, along a course that astonishes you as you think to know what you have to expect from it.

Vincent - MarsilleStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
april 2017

I discovered the MAXXI casually during my last trip in Rome. I often visit Italy for work, and when I have free time available during the weekend, I like discovering what's this it is over to me. During the last travel, the concierge come with me to visit this museum I had never heard about: Rome is famous for its ancient beauties and I did not know that it had also a contemporary jewel of this type. The wonderful collection of pictures of the 1900's astonished me, as well as the collection of art, that it allows you to have a different point of view about Italy.

Paola - VeniceStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2016

Every time I visit Rome I can't miss the MAXXI. I am addicted to it, it's my biggest passion: I study architecture at Università Ca' Foscari, and as I got in the museum I feel an enormous energy. In my opinion, the exposition itself is a work of art. In this case, continent and continent are part of a unique artistic Project, that is one of a kind in Italy and has just a few similar elements all over the world. The value of this museum is given by the fact that Zaha Hadid is the architect of the building and all the words you can find in it.


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