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The Italian food and wine excellence under the sky of the Italian capital.

Area of monuments, art and history, Italy is famous all over the world for its enormous food heritage. Our country is the custodian of an extraordinary tradition, envied for the quality of its products, all over the world: warm weather all over the year, good food and an unlimited passion for the products of the earth made this made this countr a a plac with a strong food culture, shared by all the people. Despite the exotic contamination has influenced the tradition for a while, we have recently discovered the taste and the beauty of our cuisine again. It has been going back to the origins, thanks to some of the best representatives of the Italian cuisine who restarted the tradition, from the grandmothers' recipes, to create the original menus. The slow food has come back, after years of fast food regime, focusing everything on raw materials and their preparation, paying particular attention on organic food. Very simple recipes, focusing on quality more than on the aspect, are the protagonists of the Italian cuisine; for this reason, this type of this type of products is promoted by Eataly, the brand representing the made in Italy of food. The flagship store Eataly in Rome gets an even more symbolic meaning, compared to other big ones in the Italian cities: Rome is the capital of Italy, the place where the Italic culture was born, so the excellence of our country wine and food gets even better.

Eataly philosophy
If you have to describe Eataly, you could say it is a supermarket selling Italian excellent products: you can find just the best our country offers, thanks to an accurate selection of products coming from certificate companies. If you say that Eataly philosophy goes against the trends, just because we are living an historical moment characterized by inclusive politics and fusion - as it is common nowadays -, the existence of a company putting the excellence of the made in Italy in the centre of its aims surely is a concurrent food proposal. However, considering Eataly just a supermarket is an oversimplification, because people getting into the store in Rome - situated in the Ostiense area - don't go simply shopping, but they actually start a tour through the Italian culture and food tradition. It was designed for people that don't want any compromise between price and quality. The store Eataly in Rome offers a breathtaking view on the Parco dell'Appia Antica, on the Piramide Cestia and on some of the most touching panoramas of the city, thanks to the wide surface surrounded by windows, featuring its facades, especially the main one. This aspect is part of its philosophy that made his building perfectly integrated in the urban appearance, showing the Italian excellence in all its best: an extraordinary mix of history and food tradition, possible in just a one of a kind city in the world as Rome is, where every corner of the streets has something to tell and remember.

Inside the Flagship store Eataly, in Rome
The functional optimisation of the spaces in the store is part of the project, whose aim is to exalt perfumes, flavours and products features. The numerous floors of the store - 4 in Rome - are organized in order to dedicate separated areas to specific categories, connected with different tasty experiences. In order to introduce the visitor at best, the ground floor is dedicated to vegetables and fruit - obviously organic - the second floor is for pizzeria and fried products, and the third to fish and meat. In every one of the floors – there are big and small spaces dedicated to the informal little restaurants of the store, where you can also find the typical Osteria, remembering the most typical Roman tradition in its aspect and menus. The atmosphere is the same you can feel in the Trattorias in Trastevere, and the quality is the gourmet excellent quality of Eataly. The 4th floor is dedicated to the exhibition where you can see the best panorama of the building: it would be a pity to miss a so exclusive window on the city, especially when great food events take place, hosting some of the most important representatives of the Italian cuisine all over the world, showing their way of cooking and their best recipes.

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Diego - CasertaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
december 2017

When I find myself in Rome for job, the lunch in the restaurant the Pasta at Eataly is must. I feel relaxed when I take a seat and I enjoy the Spectacular landscape of Rome, rich in people going around in a chaotic way, surrounded by a beauty they probably are not conscious about. I can say this is my favourite restaurant, because I find the sensations and the most genuine flavours - the once of my grandma's - in its dishes. The enthusiasm of the workers makes everything even more magic and pleasant, and I have to admit that every time I go there, I have a walk in the store to buy some products I take for my house in Caserta, before going away.

Marco - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
september 2017

The first approach I had was in Turin, and I thought it was strange that a similar store wasn't available in Rome yet. When, after some years, they told about the opening of Eataly in my city, I got very happy: when I have guests or when I want to make a peculiar dish, Eataly is the store where I go to do shopping. I am a fun of the Italian cuisine, and I always find what I am looking for in the shop, finding also the quality I desire. When I don't want to cook, I go there with my girlfriend to taste a great lunch or a great dinner, in one of its numerous restaurants. What to ask more?

Gabriella - Rome StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
january 2017

As Eataly opened in my city, I absolutely have to visit the store very often. Products quality is really excellent. Let's talk about fruit, for example: in the traditional supermarkets, it is very difficult - or even impossible - to find so good and tasty products, similar to the ones I used to eat when I was a child, together with my friends, going to the countryside, to collect the fruits on the trees. When I visit Eataly, I often have lunch or dinner in one of its little restaurants, so welcoming, where I can rest having great dishes, surrounded by an informal atmosphere.

Mirko - ViterboStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2016

I usually visit Eataly for a quality lunch with my family. We like tasting menus and, even if we are going there from many years, we got always surprised by the variety of their proposals, frequently new, thanks to the introduction of new excellent dishes, and for the quality of the dishes that is really one of a kind.


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