Scent of roses in Rome


Free guided tour at the Roseto Comunale, to admire more than 1100 species of roses, from all over the world.

The Roseto Comunale, unknown corner of Rome
Everybody knows the Colosseum and the Circo Massimo, everybody loves the power of Fori Imperiali and Piazza di Spagna, visiting Rome: they are the most famous and monumental attractions, able to attract the attention of people because of their extraordinary beauty and uniqueness. However, the urban structure of Rome hides many other equally wonderful treasures; the Roseto Comunale is a little perfume heaven, on the Aventino Hill, facing on the Circo Massimo. Unfortunately, even Romans don't know they have such a jewel in the city, and this makes it beauty a discovery of a few brave and curious people, that find the Roseto Comunale thanks to the suggestions of Sam travel guides, telling them about the beauty of Rome, over the common attractions. Walking along the path of the Roseto Comunale gives you emotions you can't feel in any other part of the city, even if Rome offers beauty everywhere. Maybe because of the evanescent essence of this garden, or the colours it shines with its flowers, the Roseto Comunale is a so beautiful attraction that maybe it's a fortune just a few people know it and admire it.

The Roseto Comunale: the story of a paradise
Its creation is enough recent, because they decided it in 1931, during the Fascist period. It was originally situated on Oppio Hill, in front of the Colosseum and it lasted about 300 plants. The war didn't say Aida are so beautiful corner of Rome, completely destroyed by the events. It was reconstructed a few time later, in Valle Murcia, an area with a very strong symbolically value, hosting the Temple of flora goddess since the 3rd century b.C.. In this area, there was the Jewish cemetery, from the 17th century until 1934, when they moved it in a part of the Verano cemetery. It was nearly impossible to rebuild the rose garden, so the town decided to build it on the current Aventino Hill, in accordance with the Jewish community. However, the strong tie between the Roseto Comunale and the Jewish community never got dissolved and, if you have a look of the way the avenues cross themselves in the area of the collections, you will find they create at 7 Arms chandelier, the Menorah, the Jewish community symbol. Moreover, near the entrance of the Roseto Comunale, there is a stele of Moses Laws. You understand how big is the symbolic value the Roseto Comunale has developed during the years, in addition to its incredible beauty, so that it is worth of a visit and appreciation.

The greatness of the Roseto Comunale
It is not easy to describe the beauty and the greatness of the garden, but saying it contains 1100 different species of roses, coming from all over the world, you can maybe have a better idea about its greatness. As it hosts so many species of flowers, it obviously is very wide, laying on a surface of about ten thousand square metres of the Colle Aventino. The Roseto Comunale is not only an extraordinary exhibition of roses, but it represents a tour in the history: the botanists of the city had a tour back in the past to discover the evolution of this flower. The collection of ancient and Botanic Roses has a peculiar importance: they started their development 40 million years ago. They are flowers from the primordial times, that reached us without any change in there purity, so that we can discover their evolution. The species in the Roseto Comunale come from Africa and New Zealand, old Europe and Americas, by an interesting course characterized by the various evolution phases of base flower, still object of many hybridization processes that have created the current Roses. The roses are protagonist of a very important international contest: the Premio Roma. Farmers from all over the world send their creations to the garden, to take part to a contest after two years of cultivation in the Roseto.
The Roseto open from May to October, from the early morning till the sunset, but the entrance is free only during the first 15 days of October, just a few time before the end of the flowers time.

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Bianca - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2017

I have to admit I didn't know the existence of a so beautiful garden in the heart of my city, until a few months ago. I casually discover it while I was walking near the Circo Massimo, and when I decided to get in, I jumped in a parallel world, characterized by perfumes and sensations I couldn't expect in a so chaotic and not ecological city as Rome is. I really suggest you to visit it!

Christian - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
april 2017

I used to come here with my grandmother when I was a child: it was one of her favourite places in Rome. She had visited the previews sites too; she used to go to see the Roses blooming on Oppio Hill, in the spring. It was an unforgettable tour I used to do with my grandmother and this is the reason I usually go there with my daughter still nowadays, even if a lot of time has passed, because I want to go on continue the tradition and teach the importance of the beauty to my daughter.

Nicoletta - LatinaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2016

I accompanied my pupils during a school trip. Nobody of them knew there was a so beautiful botanic garden near one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world. It is not easy to catch the attention of young people, but the extraordinary essence of this garden succeeded. The merit has surely to be acknowledged to the travel guides accompanied us during the tour, they were young and expert people, able to tell the extraordinary features of this garden to the students.

Daniela - CuneoStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
may 2015

I was so annoyed by the usual tours in Rome, a city I love and I visited so many times. So, one day I asked to the waiter of a trattoria in Trastevere about an unknown place of the city worth of a visit. He told me the story of the Roseto Comunale, talking with that lovable Roman accent, and he suggested me to go to visit it in the early morning: I think I have never loved Rome so much as I got into the beauty and the perfumes of the hidden and breathtaking garden.


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