Street Art in Rome


Discovering Rome through the most peculiar and popular districts, such as Quadraro, San Basilio, Pigneto, Magliana, Ottavia and Primavalle, with their buildings, walss and stairs become work of art

The street art in Rome is now a real trend. Many districts actually are museums at the open air. The most important ones are: Quadraro, Ostiense, Tor Marancia, Torpignattara and Pigneto. You must visit also Magliana, Ottavia and Primavalle.
They are very populous districts, getting better thanks to the younger style that has enriched them. Quadraro, San Basilio, Pigneto and Ostiense are protagonists of a re-qualification, and they are attracting a lot of Italian and international street artists. Quadraro, Magliana, Primavalle and Ottavia are museums at the open air, and they are becoming tourist destinations of young people, since the re-qualification has started.

Quadraro district
Quadraro is in the 6th municipality of Rome, not far from Tuscolano district. You can enter this little town by Porta Furba, before Don Bosco - Cinecittà and Via Tuscolana. The district was built in the 20s, in 1900s, as a residential area where there had to be houses made of maximum 3 floors, surrounded by green areas. By the time, a wild process of construction made the districts a symbol of a rich urban context. The number of artworks increased, and now you can visit the M.u.r.o. open air museum for free. In the tunnel of Quadraro, there are murals by artists - famous or emergent - such as Joe Pistone, Ron English and so on. In Largo dei Quintili there is an evocative mular about the sweep of 1944. This peculiarity of Quadraro has affected also other Roman areas, so that they started their re-qualification too, thanks to some associations support, on a historical, cultural and artistic level.

Ostiense, Tor Marancia and San Basilio
Ostienseis the protagonist of the Ostiense distric. It is an initiative to promote the area, near Piramide and San Paolo, a few steps out of the tourist area. All the roads of the district are characterized by the presence of murals, as it happened in Tor Marancia , where during the event Big City Life, some artists from other European countries have re-qualified the facades of many popular buildings. The palaces have been enriched by of the art works you can see for free. San Basilio has the same features. By the project San.Ba, the youth of the neighborhood and the street artists have decorated all the area.
The murals are a present by Agostino Iacurci and the Spanish Liquen.

Pigneto and Torpignattara
Pigneto and Torpignattara have been decorated by the street artist by a project called "Light up Torpigna". The Association Wunderkammern began the re-qualification, in 2015.
Activists brang many artists there, to re-qualify all the walss of the district. Now these areas are open air museums, and have a great importance among young people.
Pigneto is an area of the 5th municipality of Rome, and you can easily reach it by Prenestina Casilina, Acqua Bullicante and Piazzale Labicano. Visiting it, you will discover the beauty of the suburbs.

Trullo and Magliana
Magliana is situated in the 11th municipality, and it is changing its aspect. You can discover the beauty of those districts. For example, you can see murals in Via Ventimiglia in Trullo, by the poets of Trullo.

Ottavia and Primavalle
Ottavia is situated in the Agro Romano, in the 14th municipality. Not far from it, you can find Primavalle. Also this district streets have experienced a change, by Pepsy. Near the station of Ottavia, there is a very beautiful mural by Dukan and Pepsy. You can find another beautiful one in the station of Appiano. Primavalle is situated in the 14th municipality too, and it has been re-qualified as the others. Its starting project was "Muracci nostri".
It included the initiative "Poeta de nulla" - "poet of nothing". The rebirth of the Roman outskirts improved a lot Primavalle, with some elements remembering the idea of festivity and beauty of the city. The works are everywhere: in via Federico Borromeo, via Ascalesi and Via Pietro Bembo. On the bike track, near Monte Mario station, there is a mural by Massimo Urbani, died too soon. It is Street Poetry that makes the district a new aspect.

Re-birth of the Roman outskirts
A very peculiar drawing, all around the outskirts, that is giving a new trend to the area. The association Vengo da Primavalle - made of the citizens involved and interested in it - supported the purchase of the materials.

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Gemma - ModenaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

In Pigneto, you can breathe the new art: it is an open air museum. It's free and you can reach it even by public transport. I suggest to go to Quadraro too, standing out for the numerous works.

Giacomo - PescaraStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

Trullo has been a great discovery. The poets of the Trullo did a very good work there. I got surprised by the way the "Poeti del Trullo" re-qualified the deteriorated areas.

Teresa and Antonio - MilanStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
september 2017

I loved Ostiense. We stayed there and they suggested us to visit all the area to find the murals. Ostiense is a very comfortable area: near the centre but far from the chaos. Discovering the other side of the city is amazing.

Marisa - Padula (SA)StelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
october 2016

I visited Primavalle last summer. It is a very peculiar area where you can discover all the secrets of the Street art. I loved Federico Borromeo' murals. They suggested me to visit it and I got very happy! Suggested for sure!

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