Wine and food tastings at the gates of Rome


An experience tour in the heart of the Roman countryside, among the Castelli Romani. Frascati and the historical cities will be the ideal places where to taste the traditional food and wine

Rome Caput Mundi: yes, Rome is the eternal and extraordinary, famous and appreciated all over the world city, not only for its monumental and artistic works, but also for the good food. Frascati and Castelli Romani are the place of birth of the typical Roman homemade food. Castelli Romani is mainly known for the production of good wine, the wine "dei Castelli". Tourists coming from all over the world, to visit Rome and the Lazio, take advantage of dipping themselves in the food goodness of the Colli Albani, near Rome. The customers of the small and typical taverns of Frascati and of Castelli are not just foreign tourists, but also Roman people who want to dive themselves in the delights of their food and wine tradition, to experience the taste of the traditional dishes - magisterially made - again; it's like going to have lunch to Grandma's, expert cook melting love, passion and tradition in a single dish.

Warm welcome in Frascati
The small and evocative small village of Frascati is famous as the best custodian of the Roman food tradition; walking around the ways of the centre, it is easy to reach squares and roads full of small restaurants and taverns preparing traditional food. The staff of the several taverns waits for the customers outside and it warmly invites them to enter; walking around those roads crowded of people and tables, you immediately get encouraged to take a sit and have a meal. The restaurants are numerous and the choice is indeed difficult, as all of them prepare exquisite foods with an irresistible scent. Once you get in the restaurants, you can choose between a menù à la carte and a fixed menu, as asking for a suggestion to the cook. The restaurants usually have a peasant style, the inns and the taverns are small but welcoming and the staff is truly available.

Typical Roman first courses
The small restaurants and the taverns offer prices accessible for all the pockets, from the Roman tradition; the most typical first courses are: • spaghetti alla carbonara: after the "soffritto" with oil and garlic, they prepare a mix of fresh eggs, Parmigiano cheese and pepper, they brown a little bit of guanciale and melt it all with the spaghetti. It's just an ecstasy for the palate.

• Spaghetti cacio e pepe: Pecorino Romano, joined to the pepper, in a simple but at the same time extraordinarily tasting compound.

• Bucatini all'amatriciana: a sauce prepared with guanciale, Pecorino, Parmigiano, tomatoes and a dusting of chili pepper.

• Gnocchi alla Romana: perfect and delicate mix of milk, butter and Parmigiano.
Second courses in Frascati
They are typical Roman dishes of simple ingredients, that together make a great yummy mix.

• Abbacchio: lamb or sheep, for the Easter tradition, perfect to be tasted everyday. Baked or grilled.

• Saltimbocca alla Romana: calf cutlet, prosciutto and sage fried in the butter.

• Trippa: usually with tomato sauce.

• Coda alla vaccinara: tail of beef, cut in slowly cooked pieces.

• Chicory and fava beans: dust a lot of Pecorino; it is a typical dish of the Castelli.
The Fraschette in Frascati
In the little square of the country, you will be received by numerous waiters inviting to you to eat the typical dishes of the tradition of the Castelli; in this case, the only one suggestion is to follow your senses, get in a fraschetta and abandon yourself to the taste, among salamis, fagioli con le cotiche, arrosticini of sheep and the necessary Porchetta d'Ariccia. The delicious family-style restaurants will know how to make the customers happy, with the traditional and optimal wine of the Castelli, the Romanella. It is possible to have a no-stop dinner in one of the many fraschette in Frascati: Osteria Fraschetta Trinca in via Balilla 14, open from 7,30pm to 11:30pm; Cantina Bucciarelli in Regina Margherita 27 - open also at lunch and until late evening.

As Romans would say "you have good food for a cheap price" ("se magna bene e se spende poco"). Here you are other unmissable places, where it is possible to taste dishes of the Roman tradition, optimal wine of the Castelli, spending a few money, about 15 euros per person, for a complete menu. The restaurants we suggest you are: Casa Gusto, in via Ludovico Micara 11; Osteria San Gaetano, in via Mentana 34; 7 su 7, in via delle Cisternole 12; Rugantino, in via delle Vigne di San Matteo 6; La Vecchia Locanda, in via of Pietra Porzia 32; Osteria Antica Dispensa, in via del Castello 40; Cantina il Pergolato, in Via del Castello 20; Cantina Ceccarelli, in piazza San Rocco.

The Roman food
The Roman food is now part of the Italian tradition; many of local typical dishes are known and reproduced in all Italy and all over the world, by now. Many of these dishes have become famous thanks to famous actors that made them great in some film scenes. An example is Alberto Sordi, in the film “Un Americano a Roma”, ready to eat an inviting plate of Maccheroni. You instinctively start to sing the song "La società dei magnaccioni" by Armandino Bosco - in 1962 - that naming the Castelli, became popular by other artists, such as Claudio Villa.

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Vincenzo - PalermoStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
february 2018

I work nearby so every week I come here with my colleagues, we eat anything, the dishes are delicious, the porchetta is their warhorse. The wine is truly optimal and you drink at breakneck speed. The only defect is that inside the clubs there is not enough space for big groups, we are many people and often we fill up the whole restaurant.

Claudia - GenoaStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
march 2017

Every time I come to Rome, I don't miss the Castelli; I prefer lunch rather than dinner, so I have more time to digest the meal. It's great food, the restaurants are small but characteristic, the portions are abundant and even cheap if compared with the centre of Rome clubs!

Edoardo - RomeStelleStelleStelleStelleStelle
november 2016

As a DOC Roman, I am a food expert, I have been attending the Fraschette since many years, because "se magna bene e con pochi euro ti riempi di roba buona" (you have good food and you get stuffed by a cheap bill). I have tried almost all the Fraschette and I have to say they are all great, warm and tasty food, good and strong wine, to be tasted!


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